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We also suggest you consider additional sources for "Retail Inventory" information. See handy links below.

GroomerTALK Resources Buyer's Guide online has a section for Retail Inventory. Click here!

GroomerTALK Message Board allows discussion of retail inventory and income boosting ideas. Click here!

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Free PlaqClnz Salon Kit

Groomers see pets more often than Veterinarians and are on the front lines in protecting pets’ health and well-being. Now, groomers have a unique opportunity to add income producing pet oral health care services for their clients and their pets. PlaqClnz™ Pet Oral Health is introducing a free educational Salon Kit with each initial salon order to assist groomers in evaluating dog and cat oral health during a grooming visit. The free, comprehensive PlaqClnz Salon Kit provides groomers with the tools to alert clients of their pets’ potential oral health problems and initial treatment. The free Kit includes:

  • A full color, laminated poster illustrating the types and stages of common pet oral health problems to educate pet guardians.

  • Two large retail display posters for the salon reception area and front window.

  • Oral Health Exam Record Cards to keep with the client-pet records

  • Reception desk client brochures to educate clients on the signs of poor oral health conditions and how easy-to-use PlaqClnz help protect their pets’ health at home
    Free Oral Irrigator a $25.00 value.

  • Free PlaqClnz Oral Spray Solution a $25.00 value- treats 200 dogs or more.

After reviewing their pet’s oral health evaluation results with clients, groomers can recommend the purchase of the all-natural, zinc complex PlaqClnz Gel product for continuing care between grooming visits. And they can provide clients with free Record Cards to track the pets’ progress at home. To learn how adding pet oral health care services will enhance groomer business and to order FREE PlaqClnz Salon Kit with purchase of two cases of PlaqClnz gel, call 1-800-762-7877, email: or visit the PlaqClnz website Thank you.


PawSponge - Handy Paw Cleaner

The PawSponge is the ideal item to offer as a gift or promotional incentive to your grooming clients. Simple, convenient and low-cost… It helps to keep dogs from tracking germs and debris into homes and vehicles by cleaning dirty paws.

Three simple steps: Slip on paw...Squeeze and Rotate. Available in two sizes: "Regular" and "Large" and can be used wet or dry.

Purchase for just $1.75 each blank or as low as $2.25 each with your custom full color logo or image imprinted. Order as few as (6) sponges. Request your free sample at (available to first 40 requestors).

Groomers Helper® Affiliate Program

Great side business for groomers, sharpeners and pet product salesmen who contact groomers, veterinarians, kennels and pet shops that offering pet grooming services. Nothing to invest but your time. We supply all samples. We will ship your customer a professional set to try for 30 days risk free. We pay the shipping and include a return shipping label. We have experienced less than a quarter of one percent (.25%) return rate. It comes with a Lifetime Warranty and a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Your customers have nothing to lose by trying it but the day-to-day struggle and stress. If you love your Groomers Helper why not enjoy making money helping other groomers learn to groomer smarter, not harder. Earn $1500+/week selling the product that sells itself. Call 1-866-XTRA-HAND (987-2426).

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