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Used Equipment in Excellent Condition to Start Your Business - FL

I have Andis & Wahl blades (some more than one) 40, 30, 15, 10, 9, 7, 5,4 complete set of attachment combs, 2-speed Andis clippers, nail grinder, manual adjustable table w/arm and loops, portable forced air dryer, nail clippers, scissors (straight & curve), de-matter, blending shears, thinning shears, comb, slicker brush, hemostat, muzzle, teeth scraper, apron - everything needed for a beginner or someone starting a small business. All in excellent condition. Also, 3 dog crates.   1/20/17

Hanvey Vac/Laube Clippers - SC

Large Hanvey Vac system, in great shape. Not sure how old it is. Brand new cost a little over $1,400 asking $525. Laube clippers are about 6 years old had them serviced once comes with hose $125. Please email   1/16/17

Hydraulics Needed - AL

I just opened up a new grooming salon and I am in need of a hydraulic grooming table and aq hydraulic grooming tub. Please let me know what you have TIA!!!!   1/11/17

5 Pairs of Quality Grooming Shears (Kenchi, Arius Eickert, Dubbl Duck) - CT

All right handed. Some may need sharpening. Good condition.

#1 6 1/2" Dubbl Duck Curved Ball Tip (no finger rest)
#2 7" Angel Titanium straight
#3 7 1/2" Kenchi Scorpion straight
#4 7 1/2" Titan Entre Titanium Ball Bearing straight (missing finger rest)
#5 7" Arius Eickert Pro Line straight

$190 for all 5. Photos available. Free shipping. Please email me at for more info.   1/11/17

Used B Air Grizzly Dryer - TX

Parts for a B Air Grizzly dryer ie: Housing, motor mounts   1/10/17

Dog Shammy Dryer DX10 Variable Speed With Noise Reduction Package - $169 - OR

Dog Shammy Dryer DX10 Variable Speed With Noise Reduction Package, Foot Switch, and Smooth Coat Technology. Only used a few times. SUPER quiet, small and light. $169   1/9/17

Wahl Bravura Cordless Lithium Ion Clipper in Pink - $119 - OR

Bought this as a backup clipper but it's just taking up space. Includes storage bag, charging cord, cleaning brush, clipper oil, and snap on combs. Great condition, works perfectly. Comes with a 5in1 blade.   1/9/17

Wahl KM-10 with #10 Blade $159 - OR

Excellent condition. Used for a total of about 2 minutes. I really just prefer cordless.   1/9/17

Clipper Vac Tote $475 - OR

Works great! Prefer pickup in Portland, Oregon but will ship at buyers expense.   1/9/17

Clipper Blades, Andis and Oster, Different Sizes - AZ

Still in the package, though packages a little beat up. 2x 5/8 toe, 2 #35, 1 #30, 1 #9, 1 #8 1/2, 1 #5W, 1 #4W, 1 #4F,1 #3W, 1 #5/8 HT. 12 blades total, $100.   1/9/17

Grooming DVDs - CA

Jodi Murphy Instruction series - 18 DVDs
Super Styling Session with Sue Zecco & Jay Scruggs (9 videos)
Modern Styles Around The World Magazine & DVD Issue (3)
Cat Grooming DVD (5 DVD)

Pet Care Room   1/9/17

2 Large Stainless Steel Bathtubs - NV

I have 2 lg stainless steel bathtubs. 1 low to ground for easy entrance the other 1 medium height. Both hold large bred dogs. Pictures upon request. Call for details. Also, black dog kennel banks. Excellent condition.   1/4/17

Shoreline Stainless Steel Kennels - CA

Hello, I have 11 stainless steel kennels for sale. A few different sizes (small to large). Please contact if interested. Looking to sell as a lot, but will separate if makes sense. Call 818-282-5133.   1/2/17

In Search of All Grooming Supplies - IL

I am opening a new grooming shop and in need of all grooming supplies. Looking for electric table and tub preferably. need both cage dryer and force dryer. email me what you have along with pictures. I'm located in Illinois but willing to travel for multiple items for the right price.   1/2/17

Wanted: Clipper Vac - PA

WANTED: MDC Romani Clipper Vac (tote preferred) MUST be in good working condition - NO issues. It needs to be able to be shipped to me or within a couple hours of 19522 to be picked up, or be able to be delivered to me.   12/29/16

XPower Cage Dryer - OR

XPower Cage Dryer with hoses - Used 1 year, one of the hoses a dog ate, but can be replaced. Closed my business and have no need for this dryer.   12/27/16

Used Dryers, Table, Grooming Arm - MI

36" Hydraulic Table, KII dryer Grooming Arm, If in Michigan, can deliver for $100, if outside, can ship for cost.   12/23/16

Dog Shammy Dryer DX10 - OR

Dog Shammy Dryer DX10 Variable Speed With Noise Reduction Package, Foot Switch, and Smooth Coat Technology. Only used a few times. SUPER quiet, small and light. $200   12/23/16

Clipper Vac Tote $650 - OR

Located in Portland, Oregon. Local pickup only. Can include brand new Bravura attachment for an additional $30.   12/23/16

K9 II Adjustable Speed Dryer (gently used) - FL

K9 II variable speed dryer This is an awesome dryer! Works great- almost new condition- but when I purchased it I didn't realize how good and it is too much dryer for my mini dachshunds.   12/19/16

Kennel Bank, Dryers, Tub - GA

13 cage kennel bank with trays and grates, $4500 new asking $1500 because she does need some TLC. Two stand up dryers $300 each. Petlift tub with ramp and walk thru door, and deluxe faucet sprayer $1500   12/18/16

Chris Christensen Dryer - KS

6 months old, red, Kool Dry Chris Christensen blow Dryer. Sells for 330. I am selling mine for 200.- Used it every 6 weeks for 6 months. Have to upgrade to a commercial strength blow dryer due to dogs with extremely thick dense long hair to cut down on drying time. I have 2 mini Golden Doodles. The CC dryer is an excellent machine. Works extremely well on light to medium dense hair. Adjustable airflow.   12/18/16

Small Equipment and Tools - GA



Custom Large Grooming Table - IL

Custom 50 in long x 26 in wide hydraulic foot pump grooming table on locking casters - $600. I had this table built to groom Newfoundlands and other large dogs. It's in great condition as it was only used a handful of times. Located in Chicago - Logan Square. Pick up only.   12/14/16

Clipper Vac M 1 - 3 Station Capacity - OH

Used MDC Romani 3 station capacity clipper vac unit. 2 extra used motors, handful of used (not entirely) carbon brushes and 2 new carbon brushes. No clipper attachments or hoses. New M1 - 3 person capacity costs $3099.00 from MDC Romani - asking for $2,000.   12/4/16


Sanitize the Air and Surfaces in Your Business or Mobile with Air Oasis Groomer Air Purifiers

Air Oasis Groomer Air Purifiers are scientifically proven to eliminate 99% of bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, airborne allergens, animal and chemical odors and more. Air Oasis air purifiers can help prevent the spread of infectious canine and feline diseases such as canine cough and can even help infected dogs and cats recover. One veterinarian found that when she placed infected dogs in an isolation room with the Air Oasis air purifier, all the dogs were healthier within 24 hours.

What a wonderful feeling to know the air and surfaces in your business are crystal clean and clear for your precious clients and employees.

We carry air purifiers for any size facility, including a portable model for your mobile grooming business.

The Air Oasis is perfect for
• Salon, Shop and Spa Groomers
• Home and Mobile Groomers
• Vet and Daycare Groomers

Buy one, save 15%, buy two or more, save 20 to 25% (depending on model).

Benefits of Air Oasis scientifically proven groomer air purifiers:
• Stops the spread of canine cough.
• Aids in prevention of respiratory infections.
• Helps infected dogs and cats recover.
• Proven to remove up to 99% of aeroallergens, mold, bacteria, viruses, E. Coli, H1N1, legionella and more.
• Sanitizes surface areas.
• Significantly reduces cage and animal odors.
• Lightweight, long life, low maintenance.
• Made in the USA.
• Your business can be germ-free.

Here’s what our groomer, vet and residential customers are saying about Air Oasis:

“It really works great! In the past year I only had one case of canine cough, and that dog was in an area that didn’t have the Air Oasis technology.” – Lori, W., The Pet Hotel at Barkingham Palace, California

"We have the Air Oasis 5000 in our kennel, and in addition to keeping the odors at bay, our animals are healthier and we have NO problems with canine cough." – Bloomingrove Vet Hospital, New York

“We have our own large dog, but for two weeks, we were also dog sitting for two additional dogs. We have been having a ton of rain, hence, the house smelled of wet dog for days! It took about two days after we began using your units, and the smell of the dogs was completely gone! I have been extremely happy with the Air Oasis.”  – Ricky P
“This picture is a great testimony to your air purifier product. I had no idea how bad my air was until I did the air test." – Bob D. (see below)\

Click here to visit our website to learn more.

Grooming Scissors Set - IL

I have a used Kenchii 3 shear grooming set with a curved, straight and thinning scissors. Also comes with the red scissor case that came with them when I bought them. They are like brand new only been used for a couple months. Really good condition. Asking $200 OBO. Originally priced at $335   11/29/16

Stainless Steel Blades - MA

Laube 2 #40 1 3-3/4skip 1 4F,5F,7F Andis 1 5/8, 2 3-3/4F, 1 4F, 2 5F, 1 7F, 1 9, 10, Wahl 1 8.5 Oster 1 7F. $225 or bro. Sharpened by Siraco Sharpening if needed.   11/29/16

Shoreline Stainless Steel Cage Banks on Casters - OH

Three cage banks available like new condition. 2 banks have 4 cages- one bank has 2. All cage exterior dimensions are 36 wide x 30 tall x 28 deep. Asking $1,000 for a 4 cage bank and $500 for 2 cage bank. Pick up in NE Ohio just east of Cleveland.   11/29/16

Edemco Kennel Dryer - MI

Edemco kennel dryer. Age unknown. A bit rusty around the bottom of doors. Will accommodate large breeds. Blower runs quiet.   11/29/16

ISO Kennel Bank(s) Solid Fiberglass or SS & Tub and Arco Clipper - FL

Looking for cage bank all enclosed . Need two large bottom units and medium cages in rest approx (24x24) will pick up or have shipped depending on distance, weight etc from North central FL. Also looking for grooming tub and ARCO rechargeable clipper   11/29/16

Single Dryer Cage, 48"w x 36"h - NY

Single Dryer Cage, 48"w x 36"h. Selling for $1500 cash only as is. Pet-Edge is selling it for $2099 plus tax & shipping. Changed right Fan in 2015. The knob on the left fan came off but works really good but we do not do as many short hair dog to keep it. Good for cage boarding too. Email me to schedule a pick -up. First Come First Serve. Final Price.   11/25/16

Edemco Kennels and Dryer - Great Condition - PA



Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Kennels - PA

Stainless steel 4 kennel bank. Each kennel 22"Wx 30"Hx 30"D. Entire bank 72"Hx 46"W. All on wheeled base. Great shape, super sturdy $500. Must pick up- eastern PA.   11/20/16

Clark Cages - OH

Two Used three (3) bank Premium Clark Animal Housing Cages. 70" x 22 1/2" Triple Bank $700 and 70" x 20" Triple Bank $600 with cage floors. Fully assembled and located in Findlay, Ohio. Retiring and selling business. Will txt photo's upon request. 419-348-5640      11/17/16

Sherpa Medium Size Dog Carrier with Wheels Wanted - NY

I need a nice clean hardly used Sherpa bag..with wheels to travel with. I live in Suffolk County. I want a decent price under $50. Thanks. Call 818-823-3010   11/14/16

Black Cage Banks - SC



Hydraulic Lift Table Wanted - CO WY

Wyoming or Colorado area. Call 307-631-0167   11/14/16

2 - Oster High Velocity Stand Dryers - NJ

2 Oster like-new high velocity stand dryers for sale. very lightly used and in good condition. sells on for $499 asking $150 each. Pick-up or shipping charge extra.   11/14/16

(2) Edemco 48" in Tubs - TX



Grooming Business Closed. Tables and Stackable Crates - OH

SOLD    11/8/16

Clark Cage Dryer Model C120 - FL



Forever Stainless Steel Grooming Tub with Ramp - FL

SOLD   11/8/16

K-9 III Dryer - IL

K-9 III dryer used 3-4 times as plug in. Was converted to be wired to wall on/off switch. Does not have hose. $350. Must pick up in Chicago SW Suburbs. If interested send email to   11/8/16

In Search of Used Electric Table and Tub - VA

I am looking for a used electric table or tub. I can travel to pick up if you are within 1-50 miles. I am willing to pay for shipping too. Text me at 703-989-9362   11/6/16

Poly Pet Tubs Different Sizes, Front Desk, Kennels etc - CO



Edemco Large Size Cage for Sale - NJ

1-Large size Edemco powder coated (white) cage for sale. Dimension is 43 1/2"W x 26 1/8"D x 31 1/2"H and large dog fits comfortably. Good condition. new one sells for $515-$560 asking $240. Need to be picked up.   10/26/16

Custom Made Round Hydraulic Grooming Tables For Sale - Illinois

(3) Used Custom Hydraulic Grooming Tables w/Grooming Arms - IL. Used for grooming small/medium sized dogs and are in excellent condition. $300/Ea or Best Offer Will sell individually. Sizes are as follows:

(1) 36 1/2 in x 36 in
(2) 35 1/2 in x 35 1/2 in

E-mail for actual pictures and with any questions.   10/26/16

12 Fiberglass Cages - Stackable - Cage Bank - SC



Used Equipment - FL

Fiberglass cages, blower type dryers, 3 hydraulic tables in good condition.   10/24/16

Used But Like New K9-III Dryer - IL

I have like new k9 3 dryer. Color is purple and couple extra filters $400.   10/24/16

Porch Potty - CO

I have to had this for about a year. We moved so I want be needing it anymore. All it needs is some new grass. Paid $275 asking $175.   10/24/16

K9II Dryer--South Florida

Used dryer, excellent condition. $275   10/24/16

Dog Transport / Mobile Kennels - CT

Used Dog Transport / Mobile Kennels that fits on top of a 6 foot pickup truck bed. Made by Shamrock. Needs a little TLC.   10/18/16

Hydrosurge-K9Bathing Spa System - CA



Seeking Used High Velocity Dryer - CO

ISO high velocity dryer for reasonable price, for use on large breed dogs   10/21/16

Large Electric Grooming Lift Table - Ohio

Good condition just has a little kink noise when lifting. Rises very high and lowers very low. Pick up in Hinckley. $350.   10/18/16

Hydraulic Grooming Table - Ohio

$85. Going out of my business sale. I believe its 36in long.   10/18/16

Big Metal Industrial Floor Fan - Ohio

$40 Hinckley, OH (44233) Needs a little cleaning...dusty. Pick up in Hinckley near Brunswick and Strongsville.   10/18/16

Grooming Equipment - IL

I was planning on going into the grooming business but that has now been postponed indefinitely so I'm selling off most of my equipment. Everything is brand new and has never been used except for the cordless clippers. I've used them twice to trim the hair between my dog's pads. I've priced them individually which totals $1,100. But would sell all of it together for $950 if anyone was interested. I'm listing a link to the craigslist ad where I have everything listed out because they don't allow enough characters here to fit everything.    10/18/16

Double Duck Curved Shears - IN



Alacoba Blenders - IN

Very nice pair of Alacoba Blenders. $100 plus shipping costs.   10/18/16

Kenchii Bumble Bee Straight Shears - IN

This shears are 7 1/2 inches. $175 plus shipping costs.   10/18/16

Ultra Low Z-Lift Electric Grooming Table - IL

I've literally used this table once and it is amazing but I purchased it with the intent of going into the grooming business and now that has been indefinitely put on hold. It is like new and in absolute perfect condition. When researching tables, I bought this one specifically because I wanted to be able to groom even the largest of dogs since I have 2 great danes myself, and this one is rated for up to 400lbs. It really is a dream. It was originally $599 from Comfort Groom when I bought it. Now it's listed there and on for $699. I've had it since March and as I said before have only used it once and that was really just practicing getting my dogs on and off of it so it's in perfect condition. I also have a collection of everything from clippers and vacuums to brushes and mesh muzzles if you're looking for other grooming supplies. Almost everything has never been used and everything is in perfect condition. We're happy to deliver the table free of charge within an hour radius of Champaign, IL. $500.  10/13/16

Notes From the Grooming Table - IL

1 copy of "Notes from the Grooming table"
The blue cover.
I started school, stopped and restarted at a different school so i have an extra copy.
$50 plus 7.50 Shipping.
Pay via paypal.
815-258-4250        10/11/16

Hydraulic Grooming Table - AL

Used hydraulic grooming table for sale. Doesn't look brand new, but still functions perfectly. Comes with grooming arm. Hydraulic fluid just added. Asking $150   1-/11/16

Grooming Table for Sale - NEVER USED $75 - FL



Used Clipper Blades - IN



Book-"From Problems To Profits" by Madeline Bright Ogle - IN



Kennel Dryer - FL

B-Air kennel dryer powered by Grizzly, 3 speeds, with attachment. Excellent condition barely used. $400   10/2/16

Groomer Helper Equipment - IL

The following Groomer Helper equipment is available. Items can be picked up in New Lenox IL.

Three sets of the 3/4 Arm and clamp, GH product code S-GHAC - $35.00 each set

Two sets of 3/4 Universal clamp (no rods) for larger tables similar to GH product code GH-LSC01 - $35.00 each set

One set of 3/4" X 30 No-Sit Extension Arms GH product code GH-SS-EA - $35.00 set

Two Dryer Holder - one hardly used - $20.00; one brand new $25.00 GH product code GH-DH

Email if interested.    10/2/16

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