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Paragon School of Pet Grooming - Distance Learning Career Program

All About Dog Grooming Home Study Package - Since 1994

Dog grooming home study courses have become increasingly popular over the past several years. The home study method presents the opportunity for future dog groomers to learn at their own pace while maintaining their current employment and family responsibilities. Having started in 1994, this highly successful program is in it’s 12th year. The training manual is easy to read and comprehend. The 8 hour Video/DVD library makes the hands-on training experience easy to understand and accomplish. Critiquing of all work is personally done by the owner, a dog groomer of 35 years. A toll-free number is provided for friendly, personalized consultations as desired - day or night. Three different business plans are presented, teaching how to start, build and maintain a thriving business. A free marketing package is available. An optional, quality took kit is also available for purchase as well as a brand new package teaching how to build your own mobile dog grooming unit and business. This worldwide popular dog grooming home study package makes learning how to groom fun, affordable and attainable for everyone who is serious about a future in pet care. Please visit our website.

Groomer to Groomer Magazine

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Jodi Murphy Publications & Streaming Video



#1 Pet Grooming Business Books Since 1989

More than 25,000 copies of our grooming books have been sold in 24 countries. A proven system of management and illustrated with forms, legal forms and so much more. Come see what has made this the classic book for grooming business owners. Four additional workbooks with dozens of digital files on USB Flash Drive include:

Floor Plans for Grooming

Groomer Wage Systems

DIY Pet Grooming Business Plan Helper

Business Forms and Appointment Books

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