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Northern Tails Sharpening

Jeff Andrews is a "World Class" sharpener since 1995, one of the original "Blade Guyz" team and still one of "America's Favorite Sharpeners." We pride ourselves as being a "service center" not a "profit center’, with fair affordable pricing. As a part time groomer, Jeff has the experience to sharpen grooming equipment so it will cut the way its "suppose to cut." A sharpener that finally understands what you’re trying to explain to him, and what goes on in your shop everyday. What sharpener can do that?

All shears are initially inspected; edges are re-sharpened to produce a smooth, sharp scissoring action; tension adjusted; bumpers, screws & washers replaced as needed at no extra charge; then the shear is cleaned & lubricated, with final inspection and testing done on actual hair. As an active groomer, I set up shears for my hand making the tips cut a little more than the back of the shear. Usually the tension is OK for everyone by doing it this way. Corrugation is done by request at no charge.

Clipper blades are disassembled, cleaned, and hollow ground. Springs, glides, and sockets are adjusted or replaced (if necessary) at no extra charge. Blades are then cleaned again in blade wash containing a disinfectant and rust inhibitor, lubricated and reassembled to precise factory tension and proper cutter setback. Each blade is string tested like the factory does it before it is returned to you. We sharpen all blades: A-5, A-2, Agricultural, and all ceramic. Jeff does all the sharpening, assembly and repair. If something isn't right or can't be fixed we'll call you, no sharpening or repairing unusable equipment. Northern Tails is a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. Call or email with any questions. Click for website.

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