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Chain stores with 5 or more locations not included in free option. See note below please.

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6 months

Unacceptable Ads
IF YOU TYPE YOUR AD IN ALL UPPER CASE LETTERS LIKE THIS SENTENCE, your submission may be rejected without notice. Do not use the Help Wanted Ads to secure business funding for investors, partners, business plans etc.

Ad Message Size
Please limit your message to 300 WORDS. We do not post full job descriptions. We will edit them smaller.

Not applicable. If you want to add photos or graphics like a company logo please call our office 800-556-5131 or 360-446-5348

Not applicable.

Ad Removal
After your ad is published and you no longer need it, send an email to asking for its removal. Please give us your name and identify either a phone number or email address INSIDE the ad to help us locate it. Also telling us the state and perhaps city helps greatly.

After 180 days your ad will be removed if you have not already contacted us. Return here and fill out an ad submission form if you desire another free ad.

"Chain" Employers
If you have 5 or more locations your help wanted ads are not free. Please contact Stephen to assist you. Clients such as PETCO and PetSmart and many other chains are given special arrangements for unlimited ads at a reasonable fee with upgrades. Fees based on how many ads you submit annually. Starting at $49 a year.

Problems Using the Online Form?
If you have a computer problem submitting the online form, or prefer an alternative way to submit, you can postal mail, fax or email your ad. View the form using link below and send the info it requests in one of these alternative options.


If you have a problem with this form, simply send your ad information by EMAIL to


1. Your full name and address AND phone number.
2. Headline for your ad. For example, Groomer Wanted in New York City
3. Paragraph up to 200 words describing the job opening or your job search.
 Don't forget to tell readers how to contact you such as phone and/or email. Include that info in the 200 words.

Fax: 360-252-7387
Postal: Find A Groomer Inc., PO Box 2489, Yelm, WA 98597.
Telephone: 800-556-5131 or 360-446-5348

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