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Edemco Large Dog Bath - CA

Edmeco 48" dog bath for medium to large sized dogs. Professional grooming quality. Includes entrance ramp and metal grates (racks) to adjust the height. Separate shower hose was purchased for better control on water pressure ($250 value alone). Must be able to pick up in Santa Monica. Starting at $500 please email at if interested.   4/16/18

Catty Shack Vac Mobile - FL

Catty Shack Vac Mobile Width 33" Depth 24"; Height 24"
NOTE: The Catty Shack Vac Mobile does NOT have legs or a bottom base shelf. It is intended to be mounted on a cabinet or shelf in a mobile grooming unit with the included vac mounted either under the cabinet or at the rear of the van. It does not include a dryer. This Catty shack is used in excellent condition. I can send pictures on request. $1,300. Located in South Florida. Please email   4/14/18

Self Serve Dog Wash Equipment - TX

(2) Self Serve Dog Wash equipment made by Dultmeier Sales. Used for less than a month. Backroom equipment and coin meter boxes, no tub. Paid over $4000 each, asking $2500 each or $4500 for both. Photos available on request. Must pick up or pay shipping. Magnolia, Texas email   4/10/18

Pro Select Modular Cage Bank - Southwest  FL

3 Tier Cage Bank (black) comes complete with pans, grates, dividers, and wheels. 6 cages in all. We have only used this unit for 6 months. We have closed our shop and no longer need it. Bottom cage will hold a golden retriever when divider is removed. It's a nice unit. I can text-email you pictures if interested. Paid over $800. Looking to get $500. Make us an offer. or text me 804-922-7358.   4/10/18

Super Styling Sessions DVDs  - IL

1) Difficult but not impossible 1 hour and 45 minutes includes cat chapter
2)The German Trim 1hour 50 min
Asking $35.00 +shipping   4/10/18

Wanted: Clipper Vac Attachment Pro - PA

Looking to buy Rake in vac Pro Romani clipper vac attachment. Looking also for clipper guard attachments for Romani clipper vac. If interested email:   4/10/18

Wanted: Used Grooming Scissors Preferably Made Before 2006 - CA

I am looking for old Philippine type shears. yes, old steal wide blade loppers! also long straight blade monks from the 90's up to 2006. I have been grooming since 1977 and I can't seem to find any new ones that feel natural on my hand or that will clip consistently along the entire blade. There must be some other old groomers with old scissors they don't use any more. Please! Please call me or text to 415-307-5087 Lisa Frechette   4/7/18

ISO Grooming Table - IL

I am looking for a grooming table in good condition that stands at 42 or more. I am specifically looking in the Illinois area and border states. Please email me any pics, price and details at   4/5/18

Tristar Tub, Master Equip. Electric Table, ProSelect Crates - NJ

Tub 60" Stainless Steel w/right side slide-n-hide ramp, plumbing on left. Pro Select black Modular crates on wheels 4 reg. size 2 tall. Master Equip original electric table height adjustments on both sides. All in good condition. Located in NJ. Pick-up only. Serious inquiries only 201-240-7862 for more info. Thank you.   4/5/18

Cleaning Out Backup for Backup Shears & Clippers - TX



New & Gently Used Equipment, Books and Videos  - NC

I decided a long time ago grooming wasn't for me and need to get rid of the following items.

Shears as follows:
Chris Christensen 5" Shears never used retailed $240.00 selling for $140.00 Kenchii Shears 8" 5 star Offset never used retail $125 selling for 75.00 Geib Buttercutt Shear 8.5" used a few times curved and straight retail $75.00 ea selling for $50.00 ea.


The following all by Super Styling Sessions with Sue Zecco & Jay Scruggs
: The Bichon Frise $50.00
: The Mixed Breed $50.00
: The Head Compilation; Mastering the art of clipping, stripping and scissoring the dogs head 4 DVD set $75.00

Never watched Jodi Murphy instructional series The Poodle $10.00

Shear Illusions by Pam Lauritzen "The Art of Pet Styling" $10.00 Muddy Creek Grooming "Teddy Grooming" $20.00

Theory of 5 by Melissa Verplank CMG $20.00

Notes from the Grooming Table by Melissa Verplank CMG $40.00

Laube Magnum Force Dryer 90103 Variable speed, 10" hose, Room temp air. easy clean out filter. retaile for $230.00 selling for $150.00 (gently used)

Brushes Les Poochs Hard Purple Pro Single Brush Retail 70.00 gently used selling for $40.00 Les Poochs Grey Finishing Pro Single Brush Retail 75.00 gently used selling for $40.00 Master grooming brushes purple and teal bush gently used both for $10.00 Paypal only please.

Diane T. 336-212-0700 Call or text.   4/4/18

Downsizing Shop - Misc Items - IL

Downsizing my New Lenox, Il shop and will have no room for much of my items. I have some grooming tool cabinets, retail displays, large grooming wall hanging, outdoor grooming flags, open sign, groomers helpers and much more for sale. Also have full size washer and gas dryer and a large outdoor lighted "GROOMING" sign with timer. Please send email to for pictures or more info.   4/2/18

Shernbno Electric Accordion Table NIB - California

New table still in box from Pet Agree 26" By 50". Goes from 10-48". New sold for $899 will sell for $800 pick up only. Cannot ship. Arm included.   4/2/18

EZ Care Grooming Tops New in Bag Never Worn - FL

Formfitting, short sleeve v-neck, accent neckline, mid & tiebacks, two lower straight pockets. 100% crinkle nylon fabric. Discontinued color and size. XS size in lilac with black trim. Multiple available. $20 + shipping per top.   4/1/18

Cage Bank - MA

ProSelect Modular Regular 2 Tier Cage Bank Black, excellent condition, easy to clean pull out trays. Divider panels allow you to change from 2 large kennels to 4 smaller kennels. Bottom tier is extra tall for even more space. $500. Contact:   3/30/18

Romani / MDC Clipper Vac - Used Only Twice - IL

If you are considering the Clipper Vac, act now and save hundreds. Like new!! This unit has only been used for a couple dogs, less than 3 hours use. Being sold because owner is retiring.

* One operator, 48 lb unit with 11 gallons of hair storage (equivalent to the hair of 10 to 11 medium dogs). Convenient side carrying handles. Quality, heavy duty 10ft 15 amp three conductor UL listed cord with molded plug. Can be wall-mounted with brackets (included) or placed on a shelf. A special exhaust accessory can be used as a high velocity dryer. White powder coated steel cabinet reduces the risk of scratches and other wear issues.
Specs: One 120 volts 7 amps motor
Dimensions: 13" D x 16" W x 24 " H
Made in the U.S.A
Price (if NEW): $1049.00 (Plus Shipping & Handling)

* Clipper Vac clipper attachments included ANDIS AGR / AGC Models (1 attachment). Contact Romani for a list of other current Clipper Vac clipper attachments. It is better to be safe than sorry! Price (if NEW): $40.00 (Plus Shipping & Handling) Many other clipper brands / models are supported by Romani for an additional cost through Romani directly.

* The Table Wand INCLUDED connects directly to your Swivel Adapter to allow easy clean up on grooming tables and around your work station.
Price (if NEW): $10.00 (Plus Shipping & Handling)

* The 36" Extended Floor Wand INCLUDED connects directly to your hose's Swivel Adapter to allow easy floor clean up without bending over.
Price (if NEW): $15.00 (Plus Shipping & Handling)

* True to size. Longer lengths. Smooth tips won't stab you clients. Strong Back clips prevent disconnection. Smooth no-snag material. Easy to read numbers, letters and sizes.
Small Combs Set of 8.
Hunter Green. Includes Sizes: Large Combs Set of 6.
Burgundy. Includes Sizes:
0 (5/8") A (3/4")
1/2 (9/16") B (13/16")
1 (1/2") C (7/8")
1-1/2 (7/16") D (15/16")
2 (3/8") E (1")
3 (5/16") F (1-1/4")
4 (1/4")
5 (3/16")
Price (if NEW): $30.00 SET / $4.00 EACH Price (if NEW): $42.00 SET / $7.50 EACH

* Instructional DVD INCLUDED with this Clipper Vac purchase. The educational DVD's content is 180 minutes of in-depth information presented by Marlene Romani herself. It is divided into chapters consisting of various breeds of dogs and cats. Price (if NEW): $75.00 (Plus Shipping & Handling)

* Best for long-haired breeds. INCLUDED is the Pro, which helps to lift the hair enabling the rake's blades to go through the heavy, dense coat instead of over the top. Rake-N-Vac by Clipper Vac Pro attaches to the Clipper Vac and other vacuum systems. Manufactured by M.D.C. Romani, Inc.
Works on Dogs and Cats: Samoyeds, Newfoundlands, Huskies, Goldens, Spaniels, Wire-Coated Terriers, Shepherds, Chows, Poms, Collies, Long- Haired Cats, Mixed Breeds and many, many more!
Price (if NEW): $79.99 (Plus Shipping & Handling)

* Best for short-haired breeds, INCLUDED is the Shorty, which is designed for smooth-coated dogs, cats and animals, by removing dead and loose undercoat. Rake-N-Vac by Clipper Vac Shorty attaches to the Clipper Vac and other vacuum systems. Manufactured by M.D.C. Romani, Inc.
Works on Dogs and Cats: Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers, all Terriers, Hounds, and sporting breeds, short and smooth coated cats and much more!
Price (if NEW): $79.99 (Plus Shipping & Handling)

* Intermetro, Black Heavy Duty Metal Shelving Unit, with locking wheels, is also INCLUDED.
Unit measures 18 D x 24 W and INCLUDES a top and bottom shelf.
Unit stands approximately 37 H on the INCLUDED locking wheels.
Clipper Vac fits perfectly on lower shelf making it easy to use, access and move around your salon, as well as, leaving the top shelf for a working surface to place shears, combs, etc.
INCLUDES shelf liner(s), clips for hanging/managing tools, cords, vac hose, etc.
Price (if NEW): $142.00 (Plus Shipping & Handling & Retail Tax)

Serious buyers can contact Mike at 630-372-9280 or   3/26/18

Prima Shampoo Machine - MD

We have a lightly used Prima Bathing system does 1-20 dogs per day. Old groomer loved it new groomer does not use it. Looking to sell it to someone who will get use from it! on website it is the first machine Contact   3/20/18

Double K Challengair 9000 ll Stand Dryer - CA

Located in West Covina Please contact me for more information and pictures   3/20/18

Shears and Clippers - TX



Shor-Line Stainless Steel Tubs - Clipper Vacs - Hydraulic Table Groom Stations- IL

We have decided to completely remodel our facility. We have 3 large stainless steel tubs, two clipper vacs, one hydraulic table, grooming stations and mirror. Located in central Illinois.
Tubs - $500/each
Hydraulic Table - $250
Grooming station on wheels with wall mounted mirror $300/each
Clipper Vac - $700/each

Please email me if you would like pictures    3/12/18

Shorline Anti Microbial Polyethylene Cage Bank - IN

Each unit is one molded piece that slightly tapers front to back with heavy stainless steel doors that are self closing and locking with a very secure mechanism. No need to open door to slide out pans. Also has grates. Animals can rest on pan alone or grate. Units can be put together to make a cage bank using the platform and legs that are included (no wheels, but can be purchased) Anti microbial surface is designed to be much quieter than stainless steel cages. All cleaners can be used. Each cage is 20W x 24D Breaks down for easy transport. Virtually brand new condition. No odor, no stains. I closed my shop.   3/9/18

New Breed Self Service / Grooming Tubs - FL



Wanted: Stainless Steel Double Door Crate - PA

Looking for 1 or 2 Shorline double door stainless steel cage. May consider something similar.   3/6/18

Master Equipment BathePro Grooming Tub - MA



Hydraulic Tables - FL

Hydraulics Tables Needed - Fl ISO a used but very good condition Hydraulic table. 305-505-3237. Leave message if no answer. Thank you   3/1/18

Used Pro Select Cage Banks - IN

Two sections of 3 cage banks from Pro Select Modular Cage Banks in Sandstone finish. Includes the floor crate and plastic trays in good condition.

The cages are the following size: top 2 are 23" wide x 30" high x 27" deep. The bottom cage is 43" wide x 32" high x 27" deep.
The bottom cages can be divided into 2 smaller if you order the divider.

New they are $820. we are asking $350 OBO for each bank (3 crates per bank). You take apart as they are currently assembled and pick up. They are not on a wheels.   2/24/18

PolyPet Tub FS Small - WA

Used Polytub. Small 30" unit designed for small to medium sized dogs. Tub stands taller than most traditional tubs which mean you bend over less when washing smaller dogs. Slight reconfiguration of our grooming shop means we no longer have room for this little unit. In great shape with just some slight discoloration from dyes. These tubs last forever. We have had several in operation in our shop for over 8 years without issues. This is a 2014 model. Drains are already installed and read to go. Details on the tub can be found here:   2/24/18

4 Gallons of Cloud Star Buddy Wash Lavender and Mint Shampoo + Conditioner - NJ

Brand New with Plastic still over cap. Buy one or buy all. $25 each + $12 shipping each. NJ, NY, and CT only. Located in Oak Ridge, NJ if you are able to pick up. Bought last year and started using different products.
Contact Jody 973-830-7606   2/24/18

Davis ProPet Washer- Never used, Still in Box $600 Includes Shipping - NY

Brand new Davis ProPet Washer bathing system. $600, includes shipping. Retails for $695 on Davis website. I bought two thinking I was going to add another tub but never did and I don't plan on expanding anymore.   2/21/18

Looking for Used Tools and Small Equipment - NY

I'm looking to start grooming business, I'm interested in all the tools, materials and small equipment. I'm not interested in bulky equipment (tables, etc) I live in Brooklyn, NY and can drive to other states   2/21/18

Shor-Line Double Dryer 48x36" - CA

Selling a slightly used in great condition Shor-Line Double Dryer. Local pick-up in Culver City only (Los Angeles area).   2/12/18

Prima Bathing System - Great Condition $700 OBO - TX

Well maintained and cleaned regularly. Will email lots of pics.   2/12/18

High End Kennel Suites - CA

$2,500 OBO each FREE SHIPPING (2 sets available.) Very high end custom made kennel suites for your dog hotel or grooming salon! We just moved and don’t have room. These are discounted down from $3500 for 1 stack of 4 (fits 4 medium size dogs or 2 large dogs.) The insides are currently all black or black/white design. They include locks, custom dividers and floor grates. They also include their own airflow ventilation system. These are durable and heavy. You can crawl into the top suite and it will hold you just fine. The top set can be taken down separately for travel. Free freight shipping from San Diego, CA. Time frame depends on your location 1-4weeks. Material: Commercial grade materials which is what hotels, banks, retail stores use to make commercial cabinets. It’s non-porous and easy to clean. I’ve used these in my own small dog hotel and grooming salon for years and they hold up great! Sizing: Each Kennel are sized 40inches high by 49.5 inches wide. Their depth is 24.75 inches. These are sold in “2-stacks” with one on top of the other or 2 large kennels that turn into 4 kennels. The total height for the “2 stack” of kennels with castors are 86 inches. For shipment, these are packaged and shipped separately to fit into most moving trucks and door frames. Each glass door will be removed and well packaged too! Please email me if interested.   2/8/18



ISO Equip (Tables, Tubs etc)

I'm looking for equipment for new shop. Most important, tubs and tables. Please email pics, prices, location and dimensions! Thanks in advance!!   2/8/18

Shor-line Tub Plus - VA

Sold as is. Originally total cost around $4,000. Offers welcome serious buyers only.

Nothing wrong with it that I'm aware of used up to the day we removed from salon..
Could Possibly use a NEW water seal strip for around the door. (I never filled the tub with water up to the door since I had a bathing wash system)

It has:
- Stairs under the tub that roll in and out
- Handle lock swing door
- PVC Coated Tub Floor grate with opening for drain or bathing system is what I put there..

I got the tub from shor-line which I don't believe they carry the exact model any longer that I'm selling but I found ones very close to mine on their site though. (Pictures above) New I paid about $3200

Also I'm including in the Total Price:
- Petlift smartway hair trap that is already installed in the drain Retails at $140.00

- TnS Brass 8 foot hose with sprayer
Retails at $130.00

Tub with extras cost about $4000. I've washed over thousands of animals in the tub from Cats and Dogs Size or weight was never a problem with this tub. There has always been plenty of room to wash and turn animal around.

I hate to sell it but I don't have space for the stuff any longer..

I'm Considering offers and I'm not in any rush to sell.   2/7/18

Master Equipment Everyday Pro Mini Tub $225+ Shipping or Pick Up - VA

New in The box. Don't have room for it. 32" Tub 18 inch deep. Good for small dogs and small spaces. Sells on Petedge for $319.   2/6/18

3 Bay Kennel Bank - ON, Canada

Two smaller kennels on top one larger with two doors on bottom it is 3 separate units that can be stacked.
Teal in colour made of fiberglass
$500 CAN
All have pull out trays
51 inch tall
51 inch wide
24 inch deep
Pick up Fergus Ontario Canada   1/31/18

Oster 3000i Cordless Clippers - Like New - NY



Petlift Stainless Steel Tub - FL

Petlift tub with adjustable legs, floor grate,3 eye hooks, and plumbing package. 58Lx24Wx56H.Base is removable for easy moving.$800 727-557-8992    1/27/18

Poly tub, Edemco stand dryer, VIP Engraving Machine - FL

Poly tub with ramp and little dog stand and tub mat. Edemco stand dryer with six leg stand. VIP engraving machine with tags, collars, and dog tags. SavUrFur shampoo dispensing machine. Tub $1,200 Dryer $350 VIP $750 SavUrFur $350   1/27/18

Andis ProClip AGC Super 2 Speed - MA

Andis ProClip AGC Super 2Speed is a professional grade clipper. Sells in stores or online for $160 - my price is $130 including shippment of best offer not including shipment. This product was stored and never used, contact me by email for pictures. Unopened box   1/20/18

New Kenchii 5 Star 6.5" Straight Shears - IL

Unused original packaging.  This is a brand new pair of Kenchii 5 Star 6.5 inch shears, these were sent to me by mistake. Ordered curved they sent me straight shears.
These shears are unused, personal preference I don't like using shorter straight shears. Excellent quality, very light and they feel good in the hand. NOT offset shears. Photos available on request. $110 + 6.50 shipping Paypal only.
From the Kenchii site:
The Five Star series is Kenchii's most versatile line of grooming tools making them the "go-to" for everyday grooming.
This line offers several choices to satisfy your specific grooming needs and provides reliable durability and cutting performance.
Model Information
Model: KEFSE Five Star Even
Model Details
Handle: Even
Edge: Bevel
Material: Level 2
Assembly: External
Recommended for: Everyday   1/18/18

Electric Grooming Table LITTLE PUP ULTRALIFT - IL

Elevates from 16" to 42" in approximately 10 seconds 24"X42" table top 300lb lift capacity.
Quiet and smooth electric drive system
Oil-impregnated bronze bushings, self lubricating.
Table tops are made from construction grade wood, secured with bolts and tee-nuts, durable pebble finish, mat surfaces. MADE IN THE USA    1/18/18

A 2 Clipper Blades Still in Box - NY

I have Oster A2 Clipper Blades for sale! Brand New, Still in the original box. * Price is negotiable* 347-466-1714   1/15/18

Luxury Dog Grooming Tubs at Amazing Price - NJ



Gently Used Grooming Equipment - PA

Buy all the things that go in a running a mobile grooming shop. Cordless and corded clippers, blades, attachment combs, many shears, de-matters, brushes, combs, shampoos, dryer, etc. etc. etc. Buy as an entire grooming lot. $3500 for everything. Serious Buyers and PICK UP ONLY in North Wales, PA.   1/11/18

Training Videos and Books - GA

Cat grooming encyclopedia with 4 dvds $200 includes shipping in US   1/11/18

Wanted Clipper Vac - NY

Start up need clipper vac mini OK.   1/2/18

Grooming Tub Grates with Rubber Mat - NJ


Less than a year old small holes in grates so dogs feet don t get stuck. Each grate size is 20 1/4 wide by 22 long. Worth $400 but selling for $200 price is firm! Thank you   1/2/18

Electric Table Needed - GA

ISO a used but very good condition electric table. 770-365-0559. Leave message if no answer. Thank you  1/2/18

Clipper Vac Mini - NC

I purchased it in May 2017 used it only about six times could not get the hang of it. Asking $850 (great savings) plus shipping or best offer. Will deliver with in 200 miles of Greensboro NC Call 336-509-0499  1/2/18

K9 1 Dryer - NY



Hydrosurge Bathing System - GA

Gently used 5.1 bathing system includes plastic tubing for shampoos. $800.   12/12/17

Grooming Business Closing - WA

I have 4 forever stainless tubs, crates, kennel bank dryers and 2 stand dryers and grooming tables. I can send pics will not ship must pick up. This is cash only. for payment info and pics   12/7/17

Used Dryer - Hardly Used (Metro Air Force) Dryer - CA



Furminator Tools - FL

XL Long Hair (2 available) and XS Short Hair (1 available) Furminator deshedding tools brand new in packages. For sale or will trade for portable grooming table (new or used ok). Asking $30 per tool & shipping   11/30/17

Ultralift Elevating Pet Grooming Tub - Chicago



Ultralift Grooming Tables (2) - Chicago



Romani Mini Clipper Vac - FL



Lil Pup Electric Grooming Table - FL

SOLD   11/27/17

Dog Kennel Banks - OH



Hydraulic Grooming Tables - AR

Two hydraulic grooming tables 175 each works well only reason selling is that we upgraded to electric for our groomers. Pictures upon request call us 870-520-6359 buyer responsible for all shipping arrangements tables will not leave until payment is in full thank you   11/20/17

4 Cage Banks - TN



9 Inch Talyn Scimitar Right Hand Shears - FL

Sharpened, well maintained, straight line cut, curved edges, offset handle with ergonomic finger guides. Can email or text pictures. Only reason I'm selling is that I only groom small dogs now. The scimitar style reduces the risk of fine, soft hair "running away" from you when you cut. Asking $90 or best offer (buyer pays shipping). or 616-914-2798   11/15/17

Brand New Oster Hi Velocity Stand Dryer - SC

 Oster Hi Velocity Stand Dryer. Purchased this for a mobile dog grooming bus, but ended up not needing it. It s brand new but doesn't have a box. It s 120v and 1500 Watts with 4 power settings. These normally retail for $499, but I m willing to let it go for $400. Don t miss out! Buyer must pay shipping.    11/14/17

Poodle Clipping & Grooming Book by Shirlee Kalstone - FL

This is the third edition of this international reference book. In excellent, like new condition; no tears or writing inside. Buyer to pay shipping. $9.50   11/14/17

Overhead Arms - IL

(2) Overhead Grooming Arms Master Equipment bought at Pet Edge. Hardly used I no longer have a need for them . Paid $ 50 each Asking $30 each or both for $50. 708-895-1910 I am SE of Chicago on the IL/IN border   11/12/17

Like New Tools. Good for Student/Beginners - CA



2 Clipper Vac Minis - OR

Excellent condition. $700 each or best offer. Please call for more info. 503-625-4996   11/7/17

Clippers, Dryer and Brushes/Combs - NY

Metro Quick Draw dryer - $50
Oster Lithium-ion cordless clipper w/ extra battery pack and various blades - $135
Wahl Switchblade clipper - $65
Various brushes & combs (including Chris Christiansen) - $10 - $25   11/7/17

Shears for Sale - Lightly Used - CA

Utsumi U&U UA 70/45 Thinners 7inch/45 teeth $225.00 U&U OF 50W Blender 6inch/14teeth Cobalt $240.00 JYO OUR 65 Curved 6.5 inch $300.00 JYO OUR 75 Curved 7.5 inch $190.00 U&U curved 75 7.5 inch $190.00 Dream mini 50 5" whisker curves $75.00 Dream mini 60 6" face curves $99.00 Dream mini 55 straights $55 Geib Buttercut Cobalt Alloy Curves 7" $200. Geib Buttercut Miracle Slit P.A.T Straights 7.5 inch Ofs $250.   11/7/17

ISO Uses Grooming Equipment/Bank Cages - OH

ISO grooming tables, bank cages, clippers, scissors, even other boutique items you no longer need.   11/7/17

Davis Green Grooming Table - FL

SOLD  11/3/17

Edemco Table Mount Dryer - FL



ISO: Grooming Tub in Florida

I m looking to purchase a tub. I'm on the Gulf Coast of Florida.   11/3/17

Misc. Equipment - IL



Dryers and Other Things - PA

Clark Dryers, Cage Banks, Stainless Steel Tub. Please contact me for more information and pics!   10/31/17

B&B Clipper Vac 2 - NY

Only used few times!! One owner works great. $800.   10/26/17

Petlift Electric Table - $625 - FL

Petlift Electric Table, excellent condition.
Recently repainted. No longer grooming, so I am selling it.
Pedals on both sides,
goes to the floor. Black rubber tabletop.
Pls email for pix.
Table is in Dunedin FL but can be delivered for $75 in Pinellas or Tampa area   10/24/17

Hydraulic Tubs - IL



Double K Industries ChallengAir 560 Cage Dryer - IL



Geib Katana 8" Chunkers $125 - FL

SOLD   10/21/17

Geib Katana 6" Chunkers $125 - FL

Geib Katana 6" Chunker, excellent condition. Available at FITS Orlando, cash only. Or by Paypal. Pls text for picture. 239-872-2228   10/21/17

Geib - Avanti Shear Set, $150 - FL



New Dryer - NC

I have a brand new in the box K9 II dryer that I ended up not needing. I paid $425 for it. Does not come with the attachments but has everything else in the box. I am listing it for $350 plus shipping cost. Let me know if you would like to work something out. We would be shipping it from Charlotte, NC 28277.   10/19/17

Hydraulic Grooming Table - SC



Looking for Gently Used Equipment - MN

Looking for a gently used electric table, shampoo machine, dryer, etc let me know what you have. Will travel to pick up.   10/12/17

Petlift Electric Table - FL

SOLD  10/6/17

Hair-Vac  - AZ

Clipper vac. only used a few times. Hair vac 11. Purchased new last year.   10/6/17

Edemco 7001 Stand Dryer - WA



Brand New Clipper Vac Mini $800 - TN



Master Equipment Bathpro Grooming Tub - MO

Please see photos for details off Pet Edge website. Legs need repair or replacement and there is a crack by the water Temperature handle from when we moved it. Good tub for the price. Otherwise all good. Price reflects repairs needed. Great as second tub or for starters.   9/24/17

Bathing Beauty Recirculating Bathing System - MO



Edemco Electric Table - MO



Brand New Mini Clipper Vac - TN

Bought for grooming shop and never used. Your gain is our loss. Retails for $1,079. Selling for $600. The Clipper Vac mini has 11 gallons of hair storage and can be wall mounted with brackets.   9/20/17

Gently Used Professional Dog Grooming Equipment - FL

1 Andis AGC Super 2 speed high volume pro clippers, like new. 2 pairs Andis AG2 super 2 speed, 7.5" Gator shears, Assorted plastic comb attachments, andis blades, bows, thinnings shears and more. $450 for everything. All equipment is gently used, i replace all of my tools once a year. Price is final. Serious private buyers only, no solicitors. My equipment is exceptionally maintained and well worth the price.   9/15/17

Groom Shop Closing - FL

Groom shop in Bradenton, FL closing. Stainless Steel tub, cage bank, grooming tables, dryers, etc. All must go. Cash and carry. Contact Pam at 410-245-6165. Pictures upon request.   9/15/17

Squeaky Clean Dog Wash Machine - CA



Air Force High-Velocity Dryers - MA



Dog Cages - $300 - MA

SOLD   9/11/17

Dog Cages, Bank of Modular Kennel Cages - $500 - MA

SOLD   9/11/17

ISO Quality Used Equipment

Seeking quality equipment including tubs, tables, engraver, etc. for new grooming boutique. Calls/Text only 307-887-3478   9/8/17

Edemco Double Cage Dryer Model F500 - VA

Used Edemco Double Cage Dryer, $1,500.00 location is Virginia Beach, Va.   9/7/17

Wanted Used Equipment - PA

Hello. I am opening a new pet salon and looking to buy supplies. I am located in South Central PA, but willing to drive a good distance for the right item. Tables, tubs, dyers ad etc....let me know what you have. Thank You!   9/7/17

Grooming Tub - FL



2002 PetLift 48" Tub with Ramp - $1000 - MA



All Grooming Supplies & Equipment Sold Together - NC



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